Traditional Maranao music is old yet affluent. It is poignant, unveils subdued emotions. The rhythm is eccentric and such cadence fills customary gatherings in every Maranao Festivities.


Kapagonor sa Kolintang

Specifically played by a Lady whom is adept in chanting and meticulous in thudding of Kolintang and has the discipline to lead an Ensemble of musicians, other who plays AGONG and the one on DUBAKAN to complete that distinct melody.


Is chanting of poetic verses with a theme revolving in a festivity being celebrated, it can only be done by someone who is well versed to narrate historical origin and geneology. Kambayok highlights the contribution of remarkable people and the significance of historical events that has craft the Maranao culture to its best. This session is called Kambayoka.


Is the traditional means of expressing one’s love and adoration to someone, reciprocated or not it is the acceptable means of customary courtship in Maranao. It is perfomred through a Flute like instrument made of bamboo.


Is about the epic tale “Darangen” reliving the immortal life of Bantogen, his death and his resurrection comprised with politics highlighted with courtship, love and sacrifices, a valor in his finest, a depiction interpreted through singing and dance, stories and aesthetics derived from truly a wealth of knowledge.






The Maranao Traditional dance like its music is inspired from the Maranao eic Tale “Darangen”. It is important to most ceremonies and celebration in Maranao festivities, it gratifies the expression of how nature and historic events has evolved the Maranao custom. This art of dancing is unconventional. A prehistoric marvel of entertainment. How it must be interpreted requires grace and spectacle, because unfolding of Moro heriage is enthralling and nostalgic.

Kaganat sa Darangen

Is the most aristocratic of the Maranao traditional dances, should be performed by someone who has the aptitude to move theatrical. Mere movement of fingers to switching of fans and graceful swaying of the hips all to deine the obstacle Prince Lomna encountered as he fought beast mountain when he proposed marriage on his fathers’ behalf in Guindolongan.


Is inspired from the epic Darangen. The enactment of hero Bantogen as he prepare himself for battle against his enemis. All the movements of a warrior are illustrated in this particular combative dance, the mere holding of the Kampilan armored with shield. The intense yet graceful expression of the dance demonstrates discipline and gallantr, a display of suppressed emotion hungers for victory.

Kasayaw sa singkil

Is a ritual performed by the princess, to show here agility as she becomes a woman confirming her aptness. Dancing singkil is hopping and stepping pattern with graceful hand and body movement, all to tell a story. It is danced with accompaniment of bamboo poles clicking and beatin, it recounts the fateful story of Princess Gandingan who was caught in the forest during an earthquake caused by the Diwatas. The crisscrossed clicking bamboo poles represents the vines and trees she gracefully eluded away from.


Is the maranao dance that illustrates different ways of wearing malong, a functional tubular skirt intricately weaved worn to special occasions. The dance highlights Malong’s colorful designs as it is elegantly worn by both men and women.