Traditionally this sport pits against two teams to settle differences on a certain issue. It is the proper venue to show gentleman’s courageous display of agility and strength. This is the Maranao version of tug of war.


This game is played by boys and girls, in mixed teams. The game is prepared on the ground by drawing a rectangular field using either water, stick and charcoal on the ground to define the boundary. It’s a street game which requires members of a particular team to cross safely when all trapped in a marked line of which opponent is positioned to hindered anyone to pass through. The game is played outdoor at any time of the day and night when the moon is out.

Kasipa sa Manggis

A game of skills consists of players, the aim of which is hit to drop a suspended cube or light material by kicking a rattan ball. It is usually played at a Datu’s greensward where players try to outdo one another. Whoever hits the manggis and drop it gets a price.


This traditional game is purposely to outrun one another in a given distance to where big prize awaits. Customarily the game is prepared for men, it highlights agility and fun.


Chess is a two-player board game played on a chessboard introduced in the 16th century and later adopted by the Maranaos customizing it with characters found in the Maranao traditional designs like Okir. How to play it is alike from the contemporary chess enjoyed these days.