Battle of Ramitan

The Battle of Ramitanwas a bloody fight between Sultan Kudaratand General HurradoSebastian de Carcuera and his Spanish troops on March 16, 1637. In order to preserve the memory brought by the war, the town folks of Picong(formerly known as Sultan Gumander) of Lanaodel Sur have built historic monument at BagumbayanBeach marking the place as the landing site of the Spaniards when they invaded the province.

Capitol Complex

Lanao Del Sur Capitol Complex

The New Capitol Complex is the seat of Lanaodel Sur Provincial Government. It houses spacious buildings, gymnasium, fitness gym, badminton courts, lawn tennis and basketball courts, gazebos and a canteen. The serene presence of the Mosque inside the complex represents strong faith of the people here. Comfortably located at BuadiSacayo, MarawiCity.

Kuta Aragasi

Rising right at the place where local warriors led by DianatunNaimfought against foreign troops is the historical landmark of KutaAragasilocated in the Municipality of Butig. In the present times, the place is a venue of activities commemorating heroism demonstrated by the warriors. The descendants of DianatunNaimare glad to welcome visitors and share with them the heroic tale of the latter’s grandfather. Antique weapons and wardrobes used by the warriors are also available for private viewing.

Mala a Balt

These two pristine islets are perfect for adventure lovers. The islets can be reached through 15-minute motorboat ride coming from the lakeshore of Municipality of Binidayanwhere Mala a Baltis closer in distance. The beauty of this virgin forest-island in the heart of the lake is great for outdoor experience.

Male a Balt

 Aga Khan Museum


Situated inside the MSU Camus, Aga Khan Museum displays exhibits that are related to the culture of Maranao. It also features wide collection of various arts and crafts including weapons, musical instruments and photographs of Mindanao culture and tradition. The Museum is open to everyone for free on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and perfect for articrafts enthusiasts.



Torogan literally means “sleeping place” in Maranao language. For the Maranaos, it is the house of the ruling Sultan and Datu. It also serves as the community center for both decision-making and social gatrhing of a Sultanate. Torogan is known for its distinct decorative “okir” and “panolong” on its facade. Supported by four “takad” or beams of such hardwood as narra and mahogany, the structure of the Torogan is truly symbolic in nature




A place of worship among Muslims. It has been an enduring symbol of Islamic faith among Maranaos in the province. Mosque is also known in its arabic term as “masjid” and in Maranao as “masgit”.

Mosques stand along different places surrounding Lake Lanao. The grandeur of its architectural style were influenced by Arab-Indian design. Yet with all its beautiful exterior, mosques will always be an abode of spirtual rejuvenation and mental enlightenment for the faithful.