In preparation for the month-long Ligtas sa Tigdas Activity (MR-OPV Mass Immunization) of the Integrated Provincial Health Offi  ce of Lanao del Sur (IPHO-LDS), a command conference was held at the Provincial Capitol Social Hall, Marawi City on August 28, 2014. Th e program, headed by Dr. Alinader Minalang, was joined by various District Chiefs, MHOs, other health personnel, as well as invited guests from the 103rd Infantry Brigade, PNP, DXSO, SAKSI, APMC, DSWD, and DILG. Among the matters addressed were strategies, overview, guidelines and directives for the Ligtas sa Tigdas campaign, including issues and concerns raised by those who were in attendance. Th e participants were consequently requested to prepare, submit, and present their respective plan of action in time for the launching of the aff air that was slated three days thereaft er. On August 31, 2014, the Ligtas sa Tigdas drive was launched in the presence
in existence. Regional Commission on Bangsamoro Women (RCBW) representative Dr. Dipsy Maruhom answered this by clarifying the diff erence in scope and composition of PCW and the organization Paporo was referring to, the Philippine Muslim Women Council (PMWC). Maruhom pointed out that while PMWC is national in scope, PWC will serve as a “special” entity that voices out the concerns of the Lanao del Sur Bangsamoro women. Moreover, one fourth of its membership will comprise of CSOs, the rest will be from NGOs, government, and other agencies. “And since it will be part of the provincial government, its activities will be funded by the 5% budget allocation for GAD on the GAA,” former Assemblywoman Samera
of numerous RHU personnel, DOHARMM representatives led by ASec. Dayang Jumaide, USAID-Impact offi  cials Dra. Sylvia Delosa and Dr. Ed Gonzaga, LGU representatives, and Provincial Administrative Offi  cer Mocamad Raki-in. Messages of support from ASec. Jumaide, Senior Board Member Fiat Macarambon, and other guests were heard during the occasion, along with Dr. Minalang who was grateful to the provincial government for its continuous support to the programs of the IPHO-LDS. According to Dr. Minalang, the goal is to vaccinate at least 95% of all children below 5 years old with Measles Rubella and Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV). A ceremonial MR vaccination and OPV Patak to a number of children capped the launching, accompanied by an invitation to the communities in the province to bring their children ages 5 years and below to the nearest health center or vaccination post for free MR vaccination and OPV drop from September 1-30, 2014.